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Rault Foods, Inc., provides technical services for the food and beverage industry, and for individuals looking to commercialize a product from the kitchen to the market place. This includes research, product development, label compliance, general wholesomeness, and safety of products that meet FDA standards and requirements.

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Rault Foods has been providing consulting services in Broward County since 1995. The company is knowledgable and highly trained in U.S. food industry requirements. The licensed and qualified Food Technologist(s) can provide consulting, technical, and many other services to manufacture, distribute and market your products. Depending on the project, a fee and time frame is assessed for the client before any work is done.

Rault Foods also licenses its copyrights and intellectual properties for those looking to manufacture, distribute, and sell a wide range of products from baked goods to pasta including low carb, sugar free and fat free products.